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My Story of Attempted Rape "Nearly Succeded Rape" - Esut Female Course Rep

My name is Emmanuella COURSE REP in Agric Education 100L and here is my Story

The First guy name is Josh, second guy is David all in the same department Education Biology 100L ESUT

So the story goes like this..
One day I was going home, a very hot afternoon, after visiting my friend in hostel C.

 I met the David, on a big black top together with his friend josh.

The David stopped me and asked for my number
Which I reluctantly gave him..

Ever since I gave him my number

He kept disturbing to visit him, a visit I turned down severally..

I never wanted any kind of friendship with him or his friend.
So I kept rejecting the invitation..

Not until one Monday..
The Monday the strike started

The Sunday before that Monday, he said something that made me feel guilty, like have I been turning this guy down.

 That Monday we were to submit computer practical manual and I had an assignment to do.

So that Monday, I decided to go see him, I told him I will come once am done in the library or I will come by 3, even if am not done

I asked for the address and he gave me.
By 3, I packed my books and left the Library.

I called him again and told him that I have forgotten the address, that he should remind me of it again.

And he told me the name of the lodge, I didn't end the call immediately.

He thought I did...

I heard him say

She don dey come oo

And immediately he said that, I ended the call..

I wanted to call him back, to ask him, who he was talking to and what he meant by that..

I discarded the thought, saying he might be talking to someone else

And asking him
Will look too childish..
So I let it go.

But was still boarded..
I took a cab and stopped where he came and picked me.

When we got to his room..

I met two of his friends

The josh and one other guy I don't know his name, I haven't seen him before.

I greeted them and took a sit, busied myself with my phone.
A while after, the josh came to me, asked me to sit on the bed, that he wanted to make use of the sit..

And I did..
Ever since I arrived there, David had been restless, he will go down, come up again, go back down..

He wasn't at a place, I was still busy with my phone when the David served me noodles.
I wasn't hungry, I couldn't reject it..

I have done enough already by whinnying him all these while.
To Make up I decided to eat

The noodles was sticky, salty and they were green leaves in it..

Poor naive me, I thought they were vegetables.
I managed to eat the noodles cuz I don't want to embarrass someone or make them feel bad..

I didn't finish it, I took the rest to the kitchen

Handed the plate to josh, that was when I saw them preparing another noodles.

I commented on the noodles, said it was good and nice.
Just not to make them feel bad..

The josh collected it and laughed

He smiled, sorry..
And I went back to the bed.

I started becoming too thirsty, too too thirsty.
I took it, it was the noodles.

The David sat with me, we talked a little.
He said he wants to go on his gen..
That I should wait for him..

when he left..
I laid down on the bed and dozed off..
Just like that..

The sound of the djack in their room nd the high volume woke me up in a rush..

I immediately woke up, and they turned to look at me

The David asked me..
"Just the few minutes I went down to on gen, you slept off"

The josh said
"Why did you wake up like that"

I smiled and asked
"Have I slept for long"

The David sat close to me and again we got talking.

At some juncture I wouldn't hear what he was saying or the music playing.
I will sleep and wake up almost immediately

He was putting his hand all over my body..
My laps, my waist..

And I warned him to stop, he will laugh and ask me stop what..

At some point

I asked him

"Why am I feeling sleepy and dizzy"

On a normal, I suffer from insomnia, I don't just lie down and sleep off just like that..
Even when  am soo sleepy, at times I don't sleep at all

I became worried..
So worried and confused..
My vision were becoming blur, but I could still hear what going on around me.

Three guys came into the room, I didn't see their faces but I saw their clothes.

One asked him

If he had rizzler
He said no..

I asked him do you smoke, he denied it, saying his neighbours nickname is rizzler

I asked no further questions.
He came back to his position and got talking.

Then I felt his fingers on my bare skin, he was trying to pull my top.

That was when I got angry.
And told him I was leaving

I stood up to go, just for him to push me back on the bed and tried pinning me down..

That was when I knew I was in danger..
We started fighting and struggling..

Thank God his two friends didn't join him..
I fought with him alone

Till today..
I ask myself, how did I do it..

How was it possible, how was I able, like how!!!

Sometimes it gives me headache when I think about it

Real headache..
Just How!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I know, is God, God almighty, my medal carefully hanging on my neck..

My morning prayer that morning as I stepped out of my lodge was.

"As I leave lord, bring me back in peace, protect me and guide me"

And he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He did!!!!

I kept fighting with him..
I looked and saw the josh, sitting busy with his phone..

I called out for his help but he didn't move.

I pushed David off me and ran to the door..
Opened it

And started sleeping..
Next thing I know, he blocked the door..

I told him
"Allow me to go"

He replied

" where do you think you're going"

Another mystery

I got out of that door he blocked.

Just how, I don't know, I don't fucking know..

I was dizzy, sleepy, my head hurts, my body itches me, my body hurt..
My lips and mouth dry..
My blood rushing fast..

I got out of the door

And he Came after me right outside the corridor

He wanted to drag me back into the room, as we stood there fighting..
His opposite neighbours came out ..
He saw them and went bk inside and locked the door

I was later saved..
They were beaten, he said sorry but I know he didn't mean it..

I can't rest till they pay..
I don't how, I didn't take the case up, I had no money..

This is all I can do...

But one thing


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My Story of Attempted Rape "Nearly Succeded Rape" - Esut Female Course Rep My Story of Attempted Rape "Nearly Succeded Rape" - Esut Female Course Rep Reviewed by Achiever on July 08, 2020 Rating: 5


  1. Replies
    1. The right thing to do now is to report them to school authority....

  2. the fact that there was an attempted rape doesn't mean that she should involve someone that did not force her if she is confident enough she should involve her parents den or rather still make a video stating what was done to her and make it viral as well and not tarnishing the image of someone

    1. You are very stupid!!!! Why didn't he get up to help if it was not a set up? Well, I don't blame you because you are a full grown bastard!

  3. I'm sorry about what you had to go through alone. We thank God for saving you.


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